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Oct 5, 2012 12:00pm CDT
growing. in favor of education committee hearings. >> i think we should force the hearings with the education committee. at the same time ask them to appear in front of us. we can start going over the list. >> there refused to a knowledge a school closing plan. high- ranking administrators told them that 80-120 underperforming or underutilized schools could closed. the resolution comes the same week teachers approved a four year $300 million deal. school closings at a retail. this will be the next big fight. >> and is on their hands. it is certainly not on our spirit if they would like to listen to us and make the community and the people who actually work in the schools a part of the process they might actually have a little bit more success. >> they say the public has a right to transparency. >> by having it transparent process of how they're going to close the school and how much money they're going to say if comic gives us a fiscal responsibility. >> a spokesperson released a statement that says we actively engage our aldermen on issues that impact families in the community. we
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm CDT
think he is a great educator. parents say that father o'donnell came in with a prickly attitude. >> he just came and was a dictator. he was not warm or welcoming to anyone. he is basically just pushing everyone away. >> currently there is no principal at st. margaret's of scotland school parent. >>still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast! tg ids. m uueleoooo
Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm CDT
we're in good shape. a huge fiscal challenge for 2014 and beyond. >> the board of education is expected to vote on this contract october 24th. >>talks to end the teacher strike in suburban evergreen park are scheduled to reume at 4:30 this afternoon. after breaking off abruptly early today. teachers are on the picket lines for a third straight day and classes are canceled for about two thousand kids at five schools. the union's lead negotiator says they offered some movement on the major sticking point of health coverage but it was rejected by the school board. the union is now refusing any more face-to-face sessions. they claim a school board attorney unleashed a screaming outburst last night. >> our member asked to not be spoken to in a condescending tone. when the talks resume later today a mediator will communicate between the two sides.. which remain far apart on the major sticking points. >>the wife of congressman jesse jackson junior says she's not sure when he'll return to congress. alderman sandi jackson says it's up to his doctors. >>he is on the ballot. he is going t
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm CDT
necessary in education. if you dont like the seats on c- t-a trains and buses, you now have a chance to voice your opinion. the active transportation alliance is taking a poll on their website, through the 14th. it wants to know if c-t-a riders prefer the individual bucket- style seats, the aisle facing bench seats, or if they have no preference at all. the survey comes after the c-t-a received complaints about the bench seating in new rail cars. the alliance will share survey results with the transit agency. to another waterfront is in talks of a makeover. >> this city of san antonio tx has a big major development along the river walk. it has been a huge doors attraction. you can only imagine what a development along the chicago river would be like. >> i talked about making the chicago river the next recreational frontier of the city. currently there are portions of the river wall that had been built up. there are vast stretches along the river that are vacant. the areas between the bridges are coming alive. >> want to openin it p. or both houses will be open. those liv
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4